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Austrálie již má nominaci na listopadové MS ve futsalu AMF žen

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16.3.2017, 17:53 | vložil: Petr Koseček

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Federation of Australian Futsal would like to officially announce the 12 players selected to represent Australia at the 3rd AMF Women’s Futsal World Cup.

FAF would like to congratulate the final 12 players selected form the training camp that was held in Adelaide earlier this month. 18 Players that were initially selected in the Squad from the FAF National Titles as well as the Cairns International Tournament met in Adelaide for a 3 day training camp where Technical Director Marty Calvert, Head Coach Carlos Cravo and his Assistant George Paschalidis had the difficult task of selecting the final 12. All 18 players fought very hard for a position in the final team with.

Head Coach Cravo impressed with all the girls attitude and performance throughout the 3 days. “I am looking forward to working with the team over the next 8 months in preparation for the World Cup” Cravo said. The tournament will be held in Barcelona from 18th to 26th of November where they will take on 11 other Countries.

If you would like to follow the progress of the FAF Australian Women’s Futsal Team, make sure to like our Facebook page where you can show your support and wish the Ladies the very best of luck in the only Official Women’s Futsal World Cup! https://www.facebook.com/fafteams/


Matilda Comley (GK) – South Australia
Natalie Anne Castro (GK) – Queensland
Charlene Leung – Victoria
Danielle Reed – Queensland
Liesl Woods – Victoria
Louise McMullen – Victoria
Abbey Flight – South Australia
Sarah Chapell – South Australia
Sarah Amorim – Queensland
Stacey Jones – Queensland
Victoria Mansueto – South Australia
Leigh Perez – Victoria

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1. SK SICO SC Jilemnice   0
2. VPS NOVABRIK Polička   0
3. Šakalí hněv Moravská Třebová   0
4. Futsal Zlín   0
5. FK Adria Kladno   0
6. BOMBARĎÁCI Větřní   0
7. CHEMCOMEX Praha    0
8. AC Sparta Praha   0
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