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Sálový fotbal - futsal by se měl podle posledních zpráv objevit i na dalších World Games v roce 2017 v polské Vratislavi

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6.8.2013, 15:39 | vložil: Petr Koseček

Sálový fotbal - futsal by se měl podle posledních zpráv objevit i na World Games v roce 2017 v polské Vratislavi, což je velmi potěšující zpráva pro všechny příznivce našeho sportu.

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World Games (IWGA) and Olympic GAMES (IOC): The AMF Futsal was considered a success in the program IWGA in Cali. Everyone says you should continue in the program in the category of exhibition in 2017 in Wroclaw, Poland, in 2021 and as an official sport. The Olympic project will be in 2024.

International Panorama Futsal (AMF) x futsal (FIFA)

Looking football infographic number updated, we find important information governed by the AMF (the successor FIFUSA) is more likely to win the 'status' and be a participant in the Olympic program mode.

To belong to the FIFA Futsal owner 'status' that the IOC recognizes the International Federation of Sport' mode and not individually. And this, FIFA already has this recognition for the football field, both men and women.

Under the new rules and guidelines of the IOC under futsal never participate in the Olympic program since football body must distribute its shares available for inclusion in another modality. Futsal is only considered a branch of football for the high IOC and PASO.

This analysis opens big and the outlook for football after the great success in the World Games, held in Cali, Colombia, in July 2013.

The infographic shows the evolution and recurrence of significant worldwide futsal on the organization of the Association of Futsal World entity created in 2002, the successor FIFUSA, established in 1991, everyone keeps continental confederations worldwide.

In the same graph we also find the organization of FIFA futsal, which clearly shows that the mode is treated superficially, since only men are football chiefs, committee leaders Futsal, often associated with another modality, such as beach soccer.

In some cases, it was apparent neglect of FIFA and its affiliates in organizing football championships is either in the local structure.

Celostátní liga 2019/2020
1. CHEMCOMEX Praha    32
2. VPS NOVABRIK Polička   23
3. Futsal Zlín   23
4. AC Sparta Praha   19
5. BOMBARĎÁCI Větřní   16
6. Šakalí hněv Moravská Třebová   13
7. FK Adria Kladno   8
8. SK SICO SC Jilemnice   3
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