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CZECH REPUBLIC - PRAHA - JILEMNICE 19.5. – 24.05. 2014

EURO 2014


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IFS Indoor Football Scandinavia
Founded: 1998
Web site: www.futsal.no
Facebook: www.facebook.com/futsalnorway
Twitter: www.twitter.com/kameratfotball
Blog: www.wordpress.com/kameratfotball


Norwegian indoor football-league with around 50 nation-wide tournaments as qualifying rounds.
  * More than 15.000 participants annually
  * Over 25.000 teams have been registered
  * No recurring obligations − each team has to sign up for every tournament they would like to attend. No running membership
  * Diversity − both for teams with high ambitions and a stable participation, as well as for teams who focus more on the social aspect of futsal

The indoor football (futsal) tournaments within IFS are open for everyone over 15 years of age. Anyone can form a team consisting of girls and/or boys or men and/or women. The teams participate as often as they like, with no recurring obligations, in around 50 nation-wide tournaments every year.

In general, the tournaments are for anyone who enjoys playing futsal, but, primarily the tournaments are arenas for customized indoor football teams. Hundreds of such teams have created their own, individual image, with unique names, and customized futsalsuits etc. In addition, an increasing number of teams maintain independent websites which present the players, team statistics, general thoughts and comments etc. Such websites help establish the teams' specific profile, and, along with the main site indoor-football.com, have become channels for communication between the rivalling teams. Important aspects have emerged, such as challenges, and sporty “revenge“ across tournaments, and cities.

Over 25.000 teams have participated in the over 500 tournaments that have taken place since 1998. There are about 15.000 participants annually.

Final rounds
How far a team gets in the single tournaments finals will decide how many points the team achieves on the “marathon-ranking“ for that specific city/region. The winning team gets 7 points, the second runner up gets 6 points, and so on. When the season is over, the Top 15 teams on the “marathon-ranking“ in every city will meet for the ultimate finale rounds.
At indoor-football.com the different teams are presented. Here one can find summaries from the tournaments, analyzes, statistics, descriptions of every team, and so on. These contribute to the creation of new profiles and to strengthen already established profiles in the tournaments:

  * Summaries − summaries and analyzes of previous tournaments, headlining teams with extraordinary performances.
  * Marathon-ranking − shows who has done well in the tournament finals. Maybe one would like to challenge a team who is placed higher on the ranking?
  * Skandinaviatabellen/Team stats − An overview of the performance of every team in the tournaments (will soon be re-established on web)
  * The teams websites − the teams present their own statistics, a guestbook and discussions to establish contact between teams outside the tournament setting.
  * Profiles − the teams can read about the achievements and qualities of their opponents (will soon be re-established on web).

See all regional champions here from 1998-2014: http://www.indoor-football.com/mesteroversikt-1998-2014/

See all the winners of the National Championship from 2003-2014: http://www.indoor-football.com/nm-mestre-2003-2012/

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Erlend Johansen (goal keeper), Bergen
Karl Fredrik Røsland (goal keeper), Stavanger

Tommy Nicolaisen, Stavanger
Oeyvind Neset Olsen, Bergen
Christian Ersland, Bergen/Stavanger
Einar Arnesen, Trondhein
Thierry Danon Djedje, Oslo
Saif Haydar, Oslo
Wilhem Pepa, Kristiansand
Jeton Pestisha, Fredrikstad/Oslo
Boerge Vage, Stavanger

Tommy Nicolaisen

Assistant Coach:
Christian Ersland

Head of Delegation:
Maria Hanstveit

Mariano Garces

Norwegian futsal federation website: http://www.indoor-football.com/

Statistics from Norway National Team from 2002-2012: http://www.indoor-football.com/landslagsstatistikk-2002-2012/

Celostátní liga 2020/21
1. SK SICO SC Jilemnice   0
2. VPS NOVABRIK Polička   0
3. Šakalí hněv Moravská Třebová   0
4. Futsal Zlín   0
5. FK Adria Kladno   0
6. BOMBARĎÁCI Větřní   0
7. CHEMCOMEX Praha    0
8. AC Sparta Praha   0
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